Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reject Smart Meters in Wisconsin video: links

This information list is companion to the YouTube video by the same name.

WHAT YOU CAN DO to stop smart meters in Wisconsin:

Contact WI state legislators here.

Sample letter.

REPORT health complaints to WI Public Service Commission (& Senator Joe Leibham to tally them).

Say no to utility (sample letter).
More WI suggestions at Electrical Pollution site.

Other Resources:

Why stop smart meters? at Georgia site.
American Academy of Environmental Medicine statement. 
Science behind health effects:
FCC standards and how to measure RF at Stop Smart Meters California (good resource site).
No federal mandate, at Naperville IL site. 

Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) risks.

Harms trees, birds, bees.

Santa Cruz public Health Official Health effects report, page 9.

States' Information:

WI utilities forcing people since 2010 to have smart meters.
GA bill (SB459) killed in House committee for now.
MI (16 local gov’ts passed resolutions for moratoriums & investigation. Two bills on table: HB2411 and HB2439 (in House Energy Committee)
VT (Senator Bob Hartwell's bill S.214) in process 
MD (House bill 878 voted down) Public Service Commission hearing scheduled