Monday, September 12, 2011

Smart Meter Protest in Green Bay, Wisconsin, September 2011


Have you or has someone you know been harmed by exposure to the new wireless transmitting utility meters (a.k.a smart smart meters or AMR meters) put on your home or apartment building?

Are you concerned about the security risk posed by having your private information broadcast far and wide?

Or do you just want to stand up for private property rights of individuals – to be able to say “No” to getting radiation-emitting devices installed on their living spaces, and still have access to energy?

As it stands, Wisconsin utilities are NOT federally mandated to put transmitting meters on our homes. But they are CHOOSING to do so to be able to gather consumer data remotely – for THEIR convenience – in order to apply NEW PRICING rules. A pilot study in Connecticut shows that transmitting meters produce no energy savings.

Right now, if you ask to opt out of the transmitting meters because of your health, the utilities – including WE Energies, Xcel Energy, Alliant Energy and Wisconsin Public Service – will answer that they “do not acknowledge” health concerns and health effects of their devices. Even if your doctor writes to the utility asking for them to let you opt out, they will refuse. Does this sound like America or some kind of dictatorship where individuals have no rights?

It is time for consumers to stand up to the tyranny of the utilities, and demand they revert to the SAFE, privacy-protecting analog meters.

Join us to


Protest the forced installation of smart meters

outside the Wisconsin Public Utilities Institute’s Smart Metering/Rates Round Table,

September 27, 2011,

at 700 North Adams Street, Green Bay, WI 54307.

Meeting is from 9:00am to 4:00 pm, so be there at 8:30am as people arrive.

Bring signs and slogans. Please keep the protest clean and peaceful.

And please keep cell phones turned off, since some people attending cannot tolerate close proximity to mobile equipment.

Questions? Visit or
contact us at

Friday, September 2, 2011

Major editing problem with Blogger, cannot save as draft or re-publish edited version

I cannot publish a post on the page I write it on, only can save it there. I can only publish it from dashboard. THEN after a post is published I cannot edit it at all: it will not save as a draft or re-publish even if I change the date or time. I can type an edited part in, but cannot get it published.
So, I have had to edit a published post, put it into a NEW post, delete the old post and publish the new post with edited content. THE PROBLEM is when people and sites have my original URL for the post, they will no longer find it. WHen I need to edit a published post, I have just been adding the edits in my own comments area. WHAT IS WRONG with Blogger and how can I fix it???